Lawrence and Kuhlmann have been collaborating for over a decade in both commercial and fine art photography.  Lawrence comes from a painting background and is inspired by the lush disappearing landscapes of her youth, while Kuhlmann brings a classical photographic approach, both in technique and process.  Shifting from a Midwestern landscape to the Southern California desert has inspired them to expand upon the ‘Song’ series.  Currently, they are interested in the effects of the severe drought conditions in California, and in identifying and archiving disappearing tree species and preserving them through the traditional landscape portraiture aspect of their work.  A recent Artist Residency in Southern India also inspired investigation into global water issues and how disappearing species affect ecosystems and local fauna. 

The images from this series are printed with archival ink on virgin craft paper, treated with acid-free spray and then hand-varnished to ensure longevity- with a wish that each species of the trees themselves far outlast the archives.

'As much as the work started out to be about us and our longing for a re-connection to nature, it has become about the trees themselves- their unique personalities and the history of the land where they reside, in which we have found so many qualities that reflect ourselves.  Aligned with the revelations of Naturalists like Thoreau and John Muir, ‘Song of Absolution’ not only refers to the lyrical aesthetic of the work, but the redemptive quality that has become a part of the process in creating it.'